Newly Digitised Collection – ‘Loreto 1916’


(image from UCD Digital Library, ‘Loreto 1916’)

The Irish Province Archives are delighted to announce the launch of a newly digitised collection – ‘Loreto 1916’, in UCD Digital Library and in a world first,  a Google Arts & Culture Exhibit, ‘Loreto the Green, and 1916’.

‘Loreto 1916’ offers a new and fresh insight into a seminal event in Irish history: the Easter Rising 1916, and features excerpts from digitised community annals from Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham, Loreto College St Stephen’s Green, and some unique photographs from the collection of M. Michael Corcoran IBVM, 4th Superior General (1846 – 1927). These photographs offer previously unseen glimpses into community life with some beautifully informal moments captured.


(Image from Google Art & Culture Exhibit – ‘Loreto the Green, 1916’)

The project was made possible through funding provided by the Irish Research Council, digitisation was completed by UCD Digital Library, and the project was directed by Professor Deirdre Raftery, UCD School of Education.

These exhibitions allows a wide new audience the opportunity to explore religious life and boarding school life 100 years ago, and captures the fear, bewilderment, anxiety and resourcefulness of these women and children unwittingly caught in the midst of an armed rebellion.

Isolated in St Stephen’s Green, with no access to communication, faced with extreme food shortages & threatened by stray bullets, these remarkable and intrepid women struggled to maintain a sense of normality for the boarding pupils who remained in their care.

Read about the Sister in St Stephen’s Green who awoke to a bullet crashing through the window of her cell, but decided that the nightly vow of silence held greater precedence and so did not alert the rest of the community! She spent the remainder of the night, sitting in her cell, praying…..hoping that a second bullet wouldn’t arrive in the same window!

Read about the workers on the farm in Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham who downed tools and left to join the rebellion, the Sisters who watched the city burn and kept a night-time vigil to offer food and shelter to the retreating Rebels.

The professionally digitised images have been already been well used by pupils from several Loreto Schools and have featured in a physical exhibition – ‘The Catholic Church & 1916: Ministry Advocacy and Compassion’ in Dublin’s pro-cathedral.


We hope you enjoy it!

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Interesting Custody Issue

This is an interesting case of a tricky custody case.  The Ford company has closed in Australia and the company is requiring the Australian collection to be sent back to the US where they have a central archives.  The issues that this brings up are very interesting.

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