Galloping Girls

BannerWe decided the 2016 exhibition theme for the Australian Province’s Archives Centre would be travel and journeys.  So I have attempted to take Loreto’s journey from Mary Ward to current Australian Province missions in Vietnam and East Timor etc.

Starting with a hopscotch game on the floor we follow floor decals to different stops along the way – Mary Ward, Teresa Ball, Gonzaga Barry, Australian schools, current missions emerging from the call for ‘Courage to Move’.

Hopscotch 2

The hopscotch idea came from Francesca Salva, a teacher in the Loreto school in Mauritius and Sr. Clotilde ibvm.  Sr. Denise Desmarchelier, who had recently been to Mauritius told me about the idea and I thought it would be perfect for our theme of travel.  Ours is a more historical journey theme but Mauritius made a vibrantly coloured and illustrated representation of the Mary Ward story fitting into a hopscotch grid.

Science equipment

Pioneers drawers 2

Gonzaga's desk

The exhibition was great fun to set up and, hopefully, will be useful in telling Loreto’s story.


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