Official Start to the New Year!

I know we have all had the opportunity now to send each other New Years Greetings personally, but I am still going to update our blog anyhow as we start the new year.  You’ll notice that I have changed the design theme (yet again), this time so that the information like dates, and archived posts would appear on the side rather than at the bottom (which forced us to scroll through old posts to get updates).  I am very excited about our continued relationships and growing collaboration for the Institute.  As Áine mentioned in an email, we really did have such a wonderful, meaningful and productive time connecting face-to-face last year.  There is something special about meeting one’s counterparts worldwide that brings us closer together – despite the physical distances apart.  I hope that this year we can achieve our goals, both in our respective archives and in our role as a support system for the archives of the Institute worldwide.

I hope that this blog can continue to be a resource for sharing and support for us.  Not only can we share our archives/Province happenings, questions and Archival Support Group (ASG) matters, but also think about sharing the resources you come across.  Links to online resources, articles, archives happenings that you find interesting and relate etc. are all examples of information sharing that can help us help each other in the professional development department.  We are no longer lone arrangers!


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