Fruits of our International Labours – Mother Ignatia Lynn and “Loreto Archivists International”

Lynn, Ignatia 01 in O'Sullivan Evangelista

During our major project of scanning and processing individual photographs of Institute members last year I came across another less known photograph of M. Ignatia Lynn.

Early last year Sr. Kathleen wrote our archives (Canadian Province) asking for Sister Loyola Street’s account of her aunt, Mother Ignatia Lynn (one of the first Canadian IBVM’s).  Sr. Kathleen wanted to share her remarkable story online.  It is a wonderful example of the inter-connectivity of archival materials – an example of how all of our archival holdings contribute to the international IBVM story.

Regarding the publication, Sr. Kathleen wrote (via email) “[…] We owe her [Mother Ignatia Lynn] such a debt of gratitude for the care she took of Loretto during her long lifetime.”  Publishing this piece is a fantastic way to share her story worldwide and celebrate her life and hard work.

This publication can be accessed here:


Last year also marked the publication of the first official collaborative newsletter “Loreto Archivists International.”  Thank you to Sr. Kathleen and Áine for creating this wonderful document and pulling together the efforts of our archivists worldwide.  The design is wonderful and the articles within very interesting!

I am looking forward to visiting the “Uniflip” website to see how it’s all done – another example of sharing of resources!

Our newsletter can be accessed here:


2 thoughts on “Fruits of our International Labours – Mother Ignatia Lynn and “Loreto Archivists International”

  1. I immediately received positive feedback regarding the publication from some our Sisters including our Provincial, Sister Evanne Hunter, who seemed very excited and impressed with our efforts. My sincere apologies for not being able to contribute the Canadian Province submissions in time to be included. As you all know, it was a very challenging year for me in regards to my personal life. All better now and forging ahead! I do have a question in terms of preparing for future editions – will this be an annual publication or more frequent? Just thinking ahead;)

  2. We too received a number of enthusiastic feedback from sisters all across the globe on the magazine, we sent it to all Provincial Offices to increase circulation. It’s great to see others responding so warmly to material from the Archives, and hopefully helps in opening the Archives to the Sisters and realising the wealth of material that all our Provincial Archives holds.
    The magazine had long been a dream of Sr Kathleen’s and she came across Uniflip through a genealogical society.
    Uniflip provide individual licenses for each publication, they can be purchased as a once off or in multiples. So the editing and compiling of the magazine could be shared between us if you like. I suppose we had originally thought a publication once a year, what do you think?
    It is quite time consuming, writing the articles, collecting them, editing and working on layout; twice a year would be quite feasible but it would depend on projects/work plans being undertaken by the various Province Archives.

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