ASG: Google Calendar : How to add events to calendar

You can add events to the calendar directly through our “Google Accounts” application.  After logging into the “Google Account” click on the “Calendar” tab on the menu at top of page.  I find it easier to work under the “month” view mode – [tab on right-hand side, below “Google bar”].    You can change months by using the arrows (also under “Google Bar”).  Click on a date to add event.  Click and drag across dates to add multiple events.  In the edit mode you can adjust type colour and enter event details.  Click “save” tab.  The event should be added and will automatically show up on the blog calendar as a notification.  The best way, however, for us to plan a meeting would be to monitor added events in the calendar mode through the Google calendar account directly.

Alternatively, feel free to email me (Michelle) your suggestions and I can add them.

Regarding a potential meeting of archivists this or even next year – it would be helpful to know from each of you from the onset which months would be best for you according to your work and home schedules.



One thought on “ASG: Google Calendar : How to add events to calendar

  1. Michelle, thanks so much for the all the work you’ve put into the blog. It looks wonderful, as always! Again thanks for the information on the Goggle calendar, I’ll have to play around with it until I get more familiar with it.
    We should chat about meeting up on Skype on Tuesday. Personally my holidays aren’t confirmed yet, but I’ll probably take some time off in June & September, and a few days in May. It will be at most a week at a time, so these months aren’t ruled out, just certain dates. Work plans are mostly flexible, attendance at some Province meetings etc are fixed but there aren’t that many lined up (at least yet!).

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