Digitising Cassette Tapes – Áine

Hey Michelle & Robin,

I’m currently working on digitising some old audio cassette tapes, using Audacity software and an EnVivo converter.

I’m not sure of the age of the cassette tapes, but suspect that the recordings are not original, but copies. The recordings are audio sound tracks recorded to compliment Loreto missions which were originally made in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The sound quality of the recordings is not great, and have deteoriated somewhat over time. I was wondering if either of you have undertaken a similar project and found a software that would allow enhancing of the recording, improve distorted audio etc, on the digital copies.

It seems a shame to lose elements of the recordings, there is some wonderful orchestral background music and attempts to capture the sounds of animals etc.

Just wondering if ye had any experience/thoughts on this….